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Everyone loves a good dinner and a movie. Traditional movie theaters are great date nights but now iPic Theaters came out and is a new experience. Have an actual dinner and drinks while watching a movie in theater.

iPic has a glamorous feel already in the hallways and bathrooms and in the theaters itself, they have different seatings.

The VIP seating has little cubicles for two people with two seats that go back and your legs can go up. There is a small table in between the seats with a button to call the waiter.

We once also took seats in the very front, which were also good in terms of the seats and table but for us it was too much in the front. We prefer to be sitting a bit more back in a theater as the very first row is simply very close to the screen.

If you don’t want to be in the little cubicles in the back, I would recommend going for the middle seats.

Credit: Eater NY

Dining in the movies

With every visit, each person will get a free bag of popcorn. The you can order from the waiter coming to you from a food and drink menu. You will have to give them your card that you get back later. They have great mac and cheese fries, pizzas, pretzel bites, and even deserts like smores cake. For drinks you can get sodas or also cocktails.

Great Experience

They want you to have an amazing customer experience. Each seat has a pillow and blanket for you to keep cozy and warm. Also, if anything might go wrong, they are extremely accommodating. We recently went to see a movie and unfortunately one of the speakers was broken and a weird noise came out of it at times. They tried fixing it but it didn’t work fully. Because it affected the experience, they apologized and gave us a free pass for another time. We were still able to keep in the theater and finish the movie with the speaker issue, which we did as for us it wasn’t too bad. It sucked a little but it wasn’t bad. I also want to make sure you know that this was the first time this happened when were there and we have been going there for a while now.


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