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Do you love experiencing new cultures and countries? While we can’t give you a trip abroad, we can tell you about Try The World. It is a fun subscription service that allows you to experience other countries foods! If this sounds interesting and exciting, keep on reading our Try The World review.

How does it work?

It is a subscription service like HelloFresh, Blue Apron or Barkbox, which means it will be shipped regularly to your doorstep. Wether you like to snack or cook, there will be a box for you.

Choose from two different boxes:

  • Country Box: Receive 7-8 ingredients to cook meals with, drinks and snacks from different countries each month ($39/month)
    (Prices go down when you buy a subscription to be renewed every 3,6 or 12 months)
  • Snack Box: Get 6 snacks from 6 different countries each month ($19/month)
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About the gourmet products and snacks

Trying international food and snack options can be difficult when going to a regular grocery store. You usually want to go to a specific grocery store that is focused on a certain country‘s diet especially if you want several products from one country.
Try The World products are sourced from the country of origin staying authentic to the local cuisine. The company tries to work closely with family businesses that follow traditional production for authentic experience and traditional taste. There is no fast food included, it is all healthy.


As of right now, as a customer you can not choose which countries’ gourmets you want to try in the next box or specify specific dietary restrictions. Also, if you want a healthy snack here or there the snacks that come in the snack subscription taste very delicious but you have to consider how many healthy snacks you want delivered to your doorstep monthly. With 6 snacks a month, you can’t expect it to last you all month if you plan to snack on them every day.

Our Verdict

If you love exploring other cultures and get excited about trying new foods, drinks and snacks, this is a perfect way to travel with your senses and lean more about other cultures while not having to get on a plane. The concept is great! I love getting cookies or chips delivered to me and really taste the flavour of other countries. It’s a good and fun way to try snacks every month without looking through different cuisines yourself. Overall this subscription service is an amazing experience for your taste buds and to add new meals or snacks to your diet.

Try The World Overview

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