Best Rugs When You Have A Dog

Having a dog is awesome! But if your dog is not fully potty trained yet or gets anxious when left alone for some time, accidents happen. Now, we can place wee-wee pads around the house but even then not all puppies go on them or not all the time. I know the struggle since our dog gets fairly nervous when we leave and she is alone.

Cleaning up most floors is fairly simple but what if your dog pees on the rug? Stains that are hard to wash out and usually even after washing you can still see spots, especially on light colored rugs.

What are your options?

Believe me, I know the struggle. I have had several rugs while having our puppy because we would have to throw it out after a week. You can of course not have any rugs or close the door to rooms that do have rugs, roll up your rugs or only have dark colored rugs.

Now let me show you my favorite rug that has worked perfectly. And guess what – it is even cream colored!

I found this faux cow hide rug on World Market. I was looking for a light colored rug as I think it brightens up the room more and also for a pretty light and thin one because I was considering rolling it up and stowing it away when we leave the house.

When it arrived I was positively surprised by how thin is was but still looked good as a faux cow hide rug. It was also super light for a rug.

Even though we tried hard to prevent our puppy from peeing on it – accidents happen eventually! But there was not way to even tell other than the smell! We couldn’t see where she peed until we turned the rug upside down. From the top there was no spot in sight! We cleaned the rug with Dog Carpet Cleaner and there was no spot anymore visible even from underneath the rug. If you look at the rug now, you wouldn’t have known that anything happened.

Not everyone might want a faux cow hide in their house though. We also tried Flor before that, which is a company that makes carpets that are made our of multiple tiles that you put together. It is a nice idea, if your dog pees on one tile, you can easily replace just that tile instead of the whole carpet. Also, they have a variety of colors and you can decide how big of a carpet you want. Our issue with it was that when our puppy peed on it, it left a visible stain that even after washing it with a carpet cleaner for dog pee did not want to vanish. I would say that if you want a dark colored rug like black or dark blue, this might still be a good option as you probably won’t see stains easily and you can replace parts of the rug.

If your dog is still potty training or accidents happen, those two rugs are good options for not showing stains, replacing stained parts or easily rolling it up and stowing it away.

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