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No one wants to feel or look cakey when wearing make-up! A lot of foundations are fairly heavy and can easily make it obvious that you are wearing it. That’s why recently people have been shifting to CC creams and BB creams. And the most hype got It Cosmetic’s CC cream! I can only recommend this product and love wearing it myself throughout all seasons.

People especially like to wear less make-up during the summer because it is hot and we want our skin to be able to breath and not have sweat dripping down our foundation. Now, It Cosmetic’s CC cream is incredible because it has good coverage while being light weight. It applies really easy! They call it “your skin but better”, which I think they do rightfully so. I am obsessed and love it! It really looks natural, more natural than any of the foundations I have tried for sure!

Below you see my two summer shades: Medium Tan and Tan.

The negative for this CC cream might seem that they don’t have as many shades as many foundations. They offer 12 different shades from light to deep and combination shades. However, for myself being in the medium shade for most of the year, I do feel like I was able to adjust my CC creams for the summer months as well. (I tan very easily so at the end of summer or a vacation tan color fit perfectly). Also, even if the shade does not exactly match your skin tone at a specific time, it usually blends very easily and naturally with your skin tone.

They also have two different ones: The silver one is the normal CC cream while the pinkish bottle is a illuminating CC cream, which has some sparkles in it to give you a natural looking glow.

For me, I found myself grabbing the normal CC cream during the summer months more because I felt like the illuminating one gave me actually too much shine. My skin can get oily and shiny especially during the summer, so I rather use the illuminating CC cream on days in the summer when I am not outside all day.

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