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VR World NYC – Experience Review

There is always a new hype and we are still only in the beginnings of VR – Virtual Reality! Because it is still fairly new, the devices for homes are still pretty expensive. But now in New York City there is VR World! It is not a store but an experience. You buy tickets to get inside and then you can try all of the VR devices and games that they have there. We went there and it was a lot of fun! I have only ever tried a VR game in Best Buy because they had it set up for people to try for a short few minutes. In this experience, there were a few games with multiplayers which was the most fun because you could play together.

What games do they have?

When we went there, they had a variety of games.

On the first floor when you enter they had a snow fight game where you can play with 2 players and throw snow balls at each other as well as you could build a snow fort in front of you to block and hide from snow balls.

Our favorite game was on the top floor where they had a zombie game where up to 4 players could play. You were shooting the zombies coming at you and your teammates. You can to reload and aim for the heads to kill them quicker. The zombies came from everywhere and you had to help your teammates sometimes if they didn’t see a zombie coming from behind them by telling them or shooting that zombie yourself. It was a lot of fun! Lines were not crazy when we were there but this was the most popular game and people tried getting into games when they could. Also, it took some time for inexperienced players to shoot better or know how to reload and things like that.

Another very cool thing was where you actually went on a device, kind of laying on it, and you were able to lean forward, backward and to the sides. You were flying over an island and in one mode were supposed to fly through rings. With the headset on, it really did feel like I was flying down even though I wasn’t vertical with my body. It was pretty cool because you didn’t only stand there and do stuff but actually had to balance or move your body to go into a direction.

Then they also had some other fun stuff like arrow shooting, climbing, 3D drawing, boxing.

They also sometimes has special experiences. When we went they had Moveo, which was like a little space car or something. You sat in it and put belts on because it actually turned all the way upside down at times. You were in space trying to go through circles. It was fun but not easy to navigate to the circles so it ended fairly quickly.

We were there for about 2 hours I guess and we did a lot but we could have spend a lot more time there. Also, we came on a day where there were fairly few people there. For some games, we still had to get in line and wait for the person in front to finish their game.


In VR World, you can go for 2 hours or the whole day.

2 hours: $49

All day pass: $59

If you want to experience everything and maybe do some games several times like the zombie game, I would recommend getting the all day pass and making use of it. They do sell drinks and snacks there since you can’t bring your own. But you can also try a lot of games in 2 hours and it might be enough for you.

Additional Information

Location: 4 East 34th Street

Children under 7 years are not allowed, children 14 and under need to have parental supervision.

We definitely enjoyed our experience at VR World and recommend it to others if they are interested in VR.

Our Verdict

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