DOGTEK Sonic Bird House Bark Control – worth it?

We had issues with our puppy’s barking a few months after she came home with us. She would just bark for no reason all day long when she wasn’t eating, sleeping or playing. It felt like it was really non stop and no matter how much we walked her, played with her, she wouldn’t stop. We tried a lot of things and one of them was the DOGTEK Sonic Bird House Bark Control for indoors and outdoors. I believe we bought it from Amazon and let me tell you in this review how effective it was:

It was not effective at all!

Everything seemed as described. The house looked and worked pretty much as described and even though it is not cute by any means, we just wanted something that could work and help teach our puppy not to constantly bark in our apartment.

We set up this $118 bark control house and when our dog barked the first time afterwards, she tilted her head like it had worked and send out a sound. We thought “Hey look at that!”. Well after a very few more barks with similar results, our pup seemed to get angry with the bird house and would now not wonder anymore what it is but bark back at it. It just got worse and now it was angry barking.

We tried it a couple more times with the bird house but it seemed like the initial head tilt and silence after the bird house sound was due to confusion for the most part.

When our dog realized that it was making the sound in response to her barking, she just got angry. And you can tell me that that doesn’t happen or dogs are not like that but I am telling you what happened with our dog and that this is how it looked like to us.

In our case, this sonic bird house bark control did nothing but anger our puppy into more barking. I would not recommend this to anyone. Sure, you can give it a try but for $118 I would expect a lot more.

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